It’s Like Wearing a Raincoat with Only One Working Button

It’s been years since I have done it, literally years; today I sewed a button back on a jacket. I pulled out a needle, thread, took off the old buttons and hand sewed them back onto the jacket. While I was at it I did a little more hand embroidery on a pair of pants, sewing up a couple holes. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to sew by hand. Threading the needle was more of a challenge now than at other times in my life, my eyes are not what they used to be. I am glad I was taught how to sew very early in life and that it was a valuable skill not just a girlie thing to do.

Once I finished putting the fourth button back on my raincoat I wondered why it had taken me so long to do such a simple task. I had the buttons in the pockets of that coat for as long as I can remember. I had a needle and thread and I knew how to do it, so why procrastinate? Why did I put off such a simple task? As I reflected on this question I had to face the fact that I didn’t think it was important enough to sit down and get it done. I let other more ‘important’ things become my excuse for wearing a raincoat with only one working button. I didn’t wear the raincoat very often so not having all the buttons was an annoying reminder, obviously not enough of an annoyance to prompt me to act.

All in all we procrastinate more than we want to admit. We let ‘important’ things occupy our time, when in reality we are the ones who determine what is important. We give ourselves the excuse that we are tired after a hard day’s work, or other things take up our time, or it’s not a big deal so there is no urgency to get it done. Then someone visiting needs to borrow your raincoat and you are reminded that there is only one working button, and suddenly the habit of procrastination slaps you in the face. If you didn’t think it was important enough for you, what about the people who will or will not be able to do something because you didn’t deem it important enough to get it done? We forget that we can’t control everything including when what we put off doing will impact someone we know and love. If someone had asked me to sew on their button I would have done it, no problem. Sad that I didn’t think I was important enough to sit down and do it for myself.

You are important enough to get things done. Your personal needs are enough reason to get up, get it done, and move on. Let my one button raincoat serve as your reminder that what you need is enough for yourself and others to act. So be kind to yourself and your needs and get out the sewing kit and sew on those buttons.

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