Getting Tired with Friends

It’s fun getting tired together. Exhausting yourself, your energy, even your ability to move is a good time when you do it with someone you love. Biscuit and Gravy have been out and about recently, pushing their boundaries and running more and more. They run, they leap, they run some more and chase each other until they find themselves panting for breath and unable to move. They got very hot on this most recent adventure so they fell asleep on the cement floor in our studio. For us it was a momentary savoring of silence and the puppies dreamed and recovered from their afternoon.

We have people we hang out with and we do the same thing, wear each other out on creative adventures. We burn the candle at both ends and find ourselves collapsed at the end of the busy day glad to have been with people we love, and glad to be taking a nap. There is something special that happens when you have adventures with people. You bond, you laugh, you experience the same things and you will always remember the day with a smile.

With who do you enjoy tiring adventures? When was the last time you spent the day having a blast and being with close friends? If you haven’t done it recently you need to get out there and spend a day doing nothing but having fun. It will be a reminder that life is more than just work and responsibility, life is about relationships and spending time with people who bring out your best. So go run in a puddle, chase each other around a tree, or enjoy yummy treats one after the other. Getting tired with friends is one of life’s best days ever.

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