Turning Point…

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to highlight a moment in our lives where we experienced a major turning point. As I thought about all the turning points in my life the first one that came to mind was when I was fourteen. We were traveling through Europe and had spent the day in East Germany passing through Checkpoint Charlie. That evening we stayed in West Berlin. We had been traveling for several weeks so it was time to do laundry. At the laundromat (Waschsalon in German) my Dad wasn’t sure how to put the Deutsch marks into the machines. The other patrons were punk rockers, which I had never seen before. One had a green Mohawk, leather jacket and chains. They noticed that we were having trouble so they came over and helped my Dad put the right money in the machines. I was struck by how wrong I was in my assumptions from their appearance. They were very kind and helpful and directed us to some great places to see in the city.

This turning point taught me not to judge people by their appearance. I remember it clearly and often have to remind myself of that green Mohawk and why you cannot judge someone’s character by how they look. This week’s work was my homage to those punk rockers and that worn down laundromat. All too often in a culture that worships beauty we forget that what is on the outside has nothing to do with the inside. And it is REALLY what is inside that matters.

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