Never Underestimate the Power of the Human Voice

I had the opportunity to talk with a very close this week and catch up. We chatted on the phone and spent time sharing what was going on and what was keeping us up at night. It was good to hear her voice and remind myself that no matter the distance or the time spent a rapt, we would always be dear friends. Time together is now harder to come by so the telephone conversation fit the bill. It was just what we both needed to get back on track.

There is truth and power in good conversation. There is peace and confirmation, empathy and understanding that we need to remind us that though our world drives us crazy but we are not crazy. Never underestimate the power of a good conversation with someone who REALLY cares about your life and your future. Just a few words from someone who knows you well can change everything. Their voice re-lights the pilot light of your soul and your dreams. They seem to know just what to say to get you moving forward and to remind you of your talents.

Maybe your world is crazy or pressed for time or money. Maybe your days are darting by so fast that you can’t think clearly. Maybe you simply need to be reminded that you are not alone and there is someone dear to you that cares enough to listen. Maybe you simply need a sounding board for your next great idea to emerge. Maybe you just need to know that someone out there loves you enough to tell you the truth about you. Maybe today is the day you need a good, solid, sound conversation to help you put things back in order. Maybe someone you know needs that from you today. Either way, pick up the phone and talk to them.


  1. I wonder whose commands Biscuit and Gravy follow, yours or Kevin’s. My dogs didn’t obey me. They occasionally happened to do what I was telling them to do.


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