I had to have the battery in the car jumped today. It was a helpless feeling sitting there waiting and wondering if the jump would fix the problem. It’s the moment you turn the key and nothing happens, then your stomach sinks and you realize you are at the mercy of machinery you do not understand. My husband came to my rescue and everything worked the way it is supposed to work. Soon the vehicle was moving and we got home safe and sound.

No one likes feeling helpless, ever. It reminds us that there are things we cannot control and that we all too often need help. We delude ourselves into believing that we can handle our lives, that we have everything under control, and that we can go and do anything we want. Situations like today remind us that we are not in control and we have to live with things that we do not understand, and that asking for help means we are a smart enough to know when we are out of our league. It keeps us humble and grounded when we need assistance. It resets our grand ideas and reminds us that we can’t live this life alone, we will always need other people.

Life is a tricky game, one we can win or lose or play with others so we all get what we want no matter the circumstances. Life wouldn’t be as fun and interesting if we could do it all alone. Life wouldn’t be an adventure if we knew it all and could control everything. Sometimes we need the people we love and trust to jump start us to get things back on track. Sometimes we need help to get moving and remind us that we are not in this life alone. It also means we have to have people we love and trust who we can call to come and help, so we can repay the favor in the future. All of us are helpless whether we want to admit it or not, the real key is not being helpless all alone.

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