The Guts to Learn Something New

It takes guts to learn something new. Not simply because it is new and different, more so because it forces us to work hard and navigate by not relying on the skills we use every day. Here you see one of my students working on her big piece. She is laying it out, measuring and testing what she wants to put where. It can be a laborious process if you are not willing to be patient.

It takes guts to willingly step outside of what you know into an area where you have little expertise. You are still yourself just not in a place where you know exactly what is going on. Some people clam up, others babble, and still others fritter away the time finding their way back to something they know simply to be able to breath again.

I too am navigating this week. This is my first time teaching at the John C Campbell Folk School, and it is different being on this side. I’m having to be more aware of how I do what I do, and how to communicate it to eager learners. The things I do by habit or instinct have to come out of my mouth in a clear fashion so others can learn what I know then execute on it. Being clear, being understood and listening are key to making it work from this side. So far my class is doing amazing work considering none of them had done anything like this forty-eight hours ago.

I would encourage you to find something you want to learn do it. Step away from your everyday life and clear your heart and soul by learning something new. You might be surprised how your life changes and adapts to incorporate your new skills in with your tried and true ones. You will be a better you all the way around. The questions is do you have the guts?

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