This week’s prompt was to delve into our universe. Anything on that topic would do. I am teaching at the John C Campbell School this week, so my universe is emerged in letters. I used Pentel Brush pens to write each letter then spritzed it with water to make the colors run together. I wrote the black text with a Copic .7 pen. I think it turned out pretty well. I like the way some of the letters are clear and others are blurred.

I was struggling with this prompt as I was not sure how to tackle the enormous topic of the universe. When I thought of my universe I thought about my work, my art, my family and the way my entire universe revolves around those three things. But how do you put that into a calligraphy piece. As I have been working with my students this week I was reminded that letters and words are the gridlines underneath everything we do.

We tell the people we love what they mean to us through words and actions. We build a professional life by the words we organize, express and present. We build our creative side by letting go of words like ‘can’t’ or ‘don’t’ or ‘fear’ and ‘impossible’. We learn new, exciting things by letting go and giving in. All of that hinges on the words we tell ourselves, the words we hear, the words we choose to believe.

So what words will you believe today? What words are you willing to let go? And what words do you need to say to those you love to communicate how much they mean to you? Let your words out and work with you to build the life you want.

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