What’s Behind the Bright, Red Door?

Sometimes the light shining on a bright red door is all you need to remind you why you are doing what you are doing. The bench and door seem to beckon you closer, allowing you to find quiet and peace at the end of a busy day. I took this photo after dinner on the campus of the John C Campbell Folk School. I was walking back to the Book Arts Studio to open it for my students to get work done after class.

Only four days ago most of this group had not ever held a calligraphy pen, let alone created work using hand written letters. They have worked hard and long to develop the work they are taking home. Some found they didn’t want to do more lettering and yet loved learning layout and design that goes with lettering. Others fell in love with writing words by hand and have been mesmerized by the rhythm of pen on paper. Some just needed a little peace and quiet and enjoyed learning something new and different. The cool thing is everyone got out the class exactly what they needed.

I think that is true for most things in life. We get what we need, even if we didn’t know we needed that before we started. It can take trying things, opening those doors and choosing something different that we didn’t know we needed. This is how we become who we are and how we can get better.

So what doors do you need to open sooner rather than later? Give it a try and take a chance. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at who you become in the process.


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