The Unsung Learners

This week I am teaching at the John C Campbell School. The class is called Paper, Pen & Prose where we use handmade papers and calligraphy to create finished works of art. Here you can see all my paper scrap bags that I brought to class for my students to utilize in their work. I also brought full pages of paste paper and marbleized paper that my husband and I created in our studio. Most of the students are novices when it comes to lettering, so we spent today learning the basics of pen use and lettering shapes.

It is exhilarating to be in a room with people who are willingly putting themselves outside of their own creative box. Most of them are taking the class to learn something new, play with color and pens, and to create something that combines the two to create a work they can take home. Today is just the beginning of this color and calligraphy adventure.

As we have worked through out the day, I am reminded how people learn the same thing in different ways. Some need to see the end result to understand how they will get there. Others dive right in and think about the end later. And still others cautiously move forward bringing what they know to what they don’t know in order to maintain a steady balance before they jump. Everyone seems to be enjoying the process, and let’s not forget that learning is indeed a process.

So here’s to the unsung heroes out there learning new things and living the week outside of their comfort zone. They are making a mess and having a blast. We have many more days together and I look forward to seeing what they create as the week progresses.


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