Life Sometimes Requires a Big Orange Sign

I picked up my sister-in-law at the airport, which I forgot is under construction. What a mess! Cones and signs and people waving directional lights all over the place. Everyone trying to get in or out while being directed in the opposite direction, getting backed up, being forced to go around one more time, simply to end up back in traffic. Travelers trying to find their ride or their luggage, walking along blocked sidewalks only to end up on the wrong side and having to wave down their ride. Whew! I was glad when we left and headed home.

Even though it can be a real pain to endure, I am actually a fan of construction. I am always amazed at what the right tools, supplies and well trained labor can produce. Patience and a lot of hard work can truly change the world, if we are willing to live through the mess to get there. We forget that things will be better in the end and being surrounded by orange signs doesn’t help to comfort us through the process.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put orange signs around people while they are under construction. Those signs would serve as a warning that they are under stress, frazzled, confused, highly emotionally charged, making poor decisions or that learning and change is in process…so tread lightly, expect delays, and be patient. I think large orange signs would prove especially helpful when dealing with teenagers. They would serve as a reminder to us all that we too were once this hard to deal with and only time allowed us enough space to grow into the people we are today.

What portion of your life needs a large orange construction sign? What area of your world is in turmoil and needs a large dose of patience while the changes take place? We all have them, we all need construction every once in a while, and if we are fortunate we have people around us who will support us until we are no longer a hard hat area.

Be patient when you see those orange signs, and know that they won’t be up forever. Change is coming, things will get better, and be reminded that though there is a plan it won’t be done overnight. Nothing worth doing happens fast, so slow down and take a deep breath.

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