Just Might Astound and Amaze


Believe it or not this is the paint that spilled onto a piece of brown utility paper in our studio. We put the paper down to protect the work surface while we were marbleizing paper. When we were cleaning up I thought it looked kind of cool, so I took this photograph.

Ideas come from the strangest places. Trash cans, thrown out items, messy paint splatters and even road side garbage piles. We would like to believe that art and creativity are important enough to only develop out of beauty and serenity, or even peace and quiet. The truth is that art comes out of everywhere and everything. There are no rules, no assumptions, no borders, and of course no spaces that are off limits. When we let go of our self imposed limitations the possibilities are endless. When we open ourselves up to include every possibility we will suavely be surprised by what comes our way.

Sure we open ourselves to sifting through a lot of stuff to get what we really want and need. And yes, some of what we do will end up in a drawer or file to be overlooked or reworked at a future date. The good news it that there will be amazing things that happen when we step out of the cage we have created and think, act, and work differently. We have to unleash our creativity to see possibilities where most people only see as unusable.

The manuscript idea you have but are too chicken to start or complete. The family genealogy that haunts you and only requires that you put in the work. The project, course, the big idea that you think about all the time and have no idea how to start. All of these great possibilities only ask you to start, try, step outside of your daily life and begin to believe in what you and your talent bring to the table. Some might see a splattered piece brown utility paper when others see the beginning of something unique.

Which way do you want to see things? Useless stuff or amazing possibilities? If you take a chance and step outside of your current through process the creativity inside you just might astound and amaze.

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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