A Birthday Hoorah!

A dear friend celebrated her 60th birthday today. We joined her afterwards at her home and studio where she shared with us her recently completed and in progress projects. It was so fun to see her excited and exhilarated about being even more inspired in the future than she has been in the past.

As a culture we have so many hang ups about age. We worship youth and beauty and overlook anyone who does not exhibit both. I read a startling statistic that seventy percent of Americans dye their hair, that includes men and women. We are bombarded with holding on to our youth and will do anything to make ourselves young and on trend. It was refreshing to be around people who were excited about a 60th birthday for someone who is excited about her future.

Sure we had the usual conversations about ailments, health challenges, the future and birthdays. The best part was that we talked about her art, her work, her talents a great deal, leaving us all inspired to do more in the future. The birthday girl is learning to quilt and has multiple pieces in progress. It was energizing to see someone excited about life, no matter the number on years on her driver’s license.

How do you feel about your age, your future, the work you are currently creating? Be encouraged that age is numbers and simply numbers, nothing else. Youth and beauty are attitudes not attributes and they reflect who we are not how much the world thinks about our appearance. You are never too old or too young to do what you want to do, all you have to do is decide to do it. Decide what you want and make decisions that support it. Birthdays or no birthday today is a great day to be excited, to be alive and to look forward to another tomorrow.

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