No Matter How Long It Takes


My husband and I have been marbleizing paper together. It is a process and requires a little planning. The water is treated so the paint will float on top. The paint is spattered lightly to create a stone like pattern which can be enhanced and modified by dragging combs or other items through it. When the paint pattern is complete a piece of treated paper is gently placed on the floating ink to capture the design. We learned how to do this process last year and have finally gotten around to doing it in our own studio.

So what prevented us from doing all this? Why did it take us so long to get around to doing it? When I look back on the time that passed I can only say that time moved quicker than we could imagine. One thing led to another and before we knew it months and months had passed and other things took priority or got in the way of us having some creative play time. Call it life, call it responsibility, call it distraction or procrastination. Whatever you call it, time waits for no one. We may get stuck or stop or forget, but time keeps things moving forward no matter the circumstances.

There is something out there you know how to do and yet have not gotten around to doing it. Why not? What do you need to change to make that thing you want to do a priority? The life you have created will always shift and move and change, the question is how to do the things you dream about in the midst of your everyday items. If we’re not careful the everyday can crowd out the hope and imagination that makes life worth living. The day to day stuff can eventually take up so much time that we feel we have nothing left to do or dream about or even look forward to experiencing.

So why not take some time today, a few minutes or an hour to do something you have been putting off that is different than your usual day to day? It may be just what the Dr ordered to help you gain a fresh perspective on the life you have chosen. As someone who has recently done just that, I can tell you that the energy it took to get there was more than worth the effort. Doing what we wanted to do helped us turn a corner in our own minds assuring us that we can do what we want to do no matter how long it takes.


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