People Do the Darnedest Things

Going through a drive through window we saw these coins stuck on the brick wall with chewing gum. Who thinks to do that while waiting to pick up their food? Did they do it in one trip or three trips? And what were they trying to accomplish or what message were they trying to send? Or was there even any point in this strange activity? All these things ran through our heads as we commented that people think to do things that would never have crossed our minds.

I don’t know whether to call this creative or destructive, unique or problematic. I found myself thinking about it all the way home, wondering if anyone else even noticed the coins or did they have the same questions we had? It reminds me of an art installation that brings up more questions than it answers.

Have you ever seen anything like this? How did it make you feel, what did it make you think? Even more curious, have you ever done anything like this? Or had someone talk to you about doing it? So many strange and unanswered questions, which may have been their point. Doing this helped them entertain themselves and others in the drive through line.

I have to chalk this one up to things that make ya’ go hhhhmmmmmm…

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