The Joy of Unconditional Love

One of the best parts about owning a dog is that they have no concept of time. That means whether you were gone five weeks, five days, or five minutes they are always happy to see you. Their love and affection is unconditional. They are always happy to cover you with puppy kisses and affection. Any day is a wonderful day when you have been greeted with puppy kisses.

How different would our world be if more of us shared our joy and affection without any hesitation? How would we feel about ourselves and the people around us if we knew each and everyday that we were loved and appreciated no matter how long we had been away. How would you feel about yourself if everyday you had someone shower you with love and kisses simply because you are you?

What if today you showered those you love with hugs and kisses? What if you put aside your own hesitation and concern about not having your affection returned, and simply gave love freely no matter what? Sure you might be disappointed. but what if you’re not? What if the people you love showered you with more love and affection than you ever imagined possible? How would that make you feel?

Sometimes to get what we want we have to be willing to go first…

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