You Hit a Wall…Now What?

You have expended your time, energy and thoughts towards a goal, an idea, a dream…you ended up hitting a wall. A big, fat, sturdy wall that feels as if you will never move forward again. You find yourself somewhere between exhaustion and total despair. It feels like everything you have done up to this moment has been a waste, useless or worse yet a huge mistake. So now what?

We’ve all been here. Somewhere along our path in life we have each failed and failed really well. It may have been financial, emotional, professional or romantic failure, sometimes it involves all of he above. No matter what arena failure and roadblocks all feel the same, as if they are immovable and permanent. Everything seems to come crashing down and fall into tiny pieces where you have no idea how to put it all back together.

Failure is how we learn. Most of my best life lessons have been learned as a result of something going wrong. And that valuable knowledge has carried me through and helped me avoid future walls. But I would never have been prepared for the future if I had not experienced the failure and walls of my past. When I encountered the walls I had to decide if I was going to give up or find a different way to accomplish what needed to be accomplished. I had to ask myself if I was willing to live the rest of my days knowing I gave up, or did I have just an ounce of courage left to try something else?

Of course those questions could only be answered after I cried myself to sleep or ate too much ice cream right out of the container, or got angry and screamed at the top of my lungs at the moon. I had to release my frustrations at the wall, fall weak to my knees, and let myself be disappointed. I had to allow myself time to mourn the idea that died right before my eyes. Once I had let it out I was able to face trying again.

When you hit the wall it can be hard to remember that it isn’t the end of the world. Life will go on, maybe on a path you were not expecting, but life will go on. Life has a way of presenting other options and turning painful lessons into blessed events. It doesn’t feel that way when you continually bump into blockades so give yourself time to recover and figure out another way over, around, or through the wall. Today’s wall may be tomorrow’s gateway to a new idea that wouldn’t have materialized without that big, fat, sturdy wall.

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