To be Both Safe and Accessible


It looks harmless enough, this chain link fence material.  Bent metal creating a pattern to provide strength and safety. It may not be the most attractive fencing product and yet we see it all over doing its job, keeping things in and keeping things out. Miles and miles of this stuff are installed all over the world until we forget why we needed a fence in the first place.

What fences in your own world do you need to build or tear down? Both can be just as difficult, the problem is knowing when to build and when to remove. We have puppies and may need to think about fencing in part of our yard or risk losing them in the vast woods around our home. However the thought of fencing in the woods seems to defeat the purpose of living in the woods. So we are still thinking.

How about you? Any fences you need to build to protect yourself from predators in what can be a cruel and unkind world? Maybe the fence is there to protect you from unfriendly fire – critics, naysayers, dumb people – those who we know and love, yet they don’t understand why we are doing what we are doing. So we protect ourselves by limiting our time with them which is more like a mental fence. Maybe you need to protect your time, your ideas, your efforts from being misused. Maybe the fence prevents you from wandering too far beyond where you need to be, like our puppies?

We all have fences we have built, I ask you to take a moment and reevaluate the need for the fences. Does it still exist or is it easier to keep it up than to make a change? Only you know the answer to that question. Maybe today is the day you tear down or build just the right amount of fencing to make your world both safe and accessible.

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