Have an Idea and Run With It

You may remember last year I posted a ‘logo’ I created for myself for one of my calligraphy challenges. A very talented friend of mine saw it and utilized in on a quilt she made for me. The quilt was a gift of her talents and it arrived today in the mail. I was thrilled to see how someone took one of my designs and incorporated it into something I never imagined. It was humbling and amazing at the same time. I can only begin to understand the hours and hours of work that went into making this truly unique and thoughtful creation. I’ve already used it while sitting in our living room.

I am always amazed at what people think to create. How they put things together or create something new from a photo or color suggestions. Give a group of people the same supplies, prompts or suggestion and sit back and watch how they have an idea and run with it. Take away their limits and prepared to be amazed. I am never disappointed in the outcomes and truly inspired when I experience the final results.

Being this free to run with an idea means letting what people say melt away. It means not listening to the voices of self doubt or fear, the tapes that yell that you are not worthy, and squashing the human insecurities about putting your work out there for others to see. It means being courageous no matter the outcome and having enough confidence in your own work to let go of the flaws you see and allow people to be amazed and astounded. Being this free means you allow you to be you and let go of what other people might think.

So here’s to the people who put in the work, create new things, and bless their friends with heartfelt work that will be passed down for generations to come. Next time you wonder if someone will like your hand crafted gift, don’t doubt yourself. It will mean more than words in a simple blog post can express.


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