Changing to Be Who You Want to Be


I have recently spent time with people who are in the process of reinventing themselves. They are over fifty, accomplished, talented, skilled, and successful in their current endeavors. They want more than they currently have from a fulfillment perspective, so they are seriously working towards turning their world upside down. They see the full spectrum of what options are available and when they compare it to what they do and feel right now, they are heading quickly towards change.

Changing at this stage in life poses it’s own challenges, options, and opportunities. There are a myriad of questions and things to consider, on top of how what they change will impact the other people in their lives. When one things changes it always has a ripple effect; it always pushes beyond what we expect and overflows into areas we never anticipated. Everything from finances, time, talents, challenges, gaps, overlaps and relationships all need to be considered when making a change. Changing at this stage also means leaving behind the known to face the unknown. Years of experiences and expertise may apply in the new world and yet maybe they won’t.

In talking with these courageous people the topic always turns to knowing that they have more to give in a different space in their lives. They have reached the pinnacle of what people think means success only to realize they are bored, or tired, or simply want to engage another portion of their talents and skills. They talk about knowing they have more to give, more to challenge themselves with, and more they can contribute to their life and community. It is rarely about the money and more about the opportunity making a change will provide. In many cases leaving what they know and moving to a new adventure will provide more financial opportunities and more free time. These travelers of change see the end of their days as a chance to do what they want, on their terms, with joy and peace and contentment as their signs of success instead of the trappings of stuff they currently maintain. All of them have noted that there is nothing they need that they do not already have.

During our conversations all of these people are firm in their conviction to change, the challenge is in the execution of their new path. Giving up, letting go, rearranging, reinventing, saying no thank you, and being true to their new identity is a daily struggle. The life they know has a loud voice and all too often drowns out the voice of change. I encourage them to find one or two people who support their change and use them as a sounding board, a confidant, and someone to remind them that the change they are making is worth the fight. Is important for them to know they are not alone.

I share this with you to encourage you to make a change if that is on your mind. You are not alone, lots of people are changing their lives to be who they want. Yes it takes guts, courage, patience and discipline…and in the end it is worth it all. You too can change your life.

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