I Double Dog Dare You to Try It…


Sometimes the best medicine for what ails you is to sit still with a friend and just be still. Try not to fill the time with talking or gossip or even any attempts to solve each other’s problems. Sometimes just sitting is enough. Being in the presences of someone you know, trust and appreciate can be the salve that soothes the madness of a busy, lonely existence. Knowing that you are known and loved can work out many kicks in an otherwise twisted day.

Yeah, yeah that all sounds well and good, but I don’t have time to just sit. I have too much to get done to sit and be quiet. You don’t know how long my To Do list is. You don’t realize the world in which I live. You have no idea how many people depend on me AND keep asking me to do more and more, so sitting is just not an option. My family is busy and scheduled and our days are full, so just sitting and being quiet will never happen at my house. I’m building a life here and sitting still won’t get me where I want to go. I have so much to do I need to utilize my technology so sitting without it seems like a waste of time to me.

Did any of those statements mimic the voice in your head? Did any of those excuses hit the mark, hit home, or sound like the ‘reason’ you have allowed yourself to avoid the quiet? A reason becomes an excuse when we stop trying to find a solution. There are all sorts of reasons that have turned into excuses beaches it is easier to accept than facing reality and making a change.

The problem isn’t that you are too busy, the problem is that you are uncomfortable with silence and/or being still. If you are silent or still or only with one person you are not getting the attention or avoiding what you want to avoid. Being silent may mean that you have to face the unwanted or unknown. Being still means you are not doing and may appear lazy or unproductive…and heaven forbid we appear other than the way we want. Being quiet also means we have to slow down, take a deep breath and reflect on where we are right now…which means facing the fact that we don’t like where we are and we are afraid to change it.

Whew! That’s a lot of power for silence and being still. I dare you to take thirty minutes and be silent. No technology, no noise, just still and peaceful. I double dog dare you to give yourself thirty minutes to decompress AND allow yourself to calm down and think. You will surely be amazed about what is rolling around your brain that hasn’t had a chance to come out. Maybe silence and being still was the answer you were seeking. You will never know until you try…

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