This week’s calligraphy challenge was to introduce yourself to the group. These are people who only know you through a Facebook page, so what would you want them to know about you? I was overwhelmed as this could g so many directions. What to include, what to exclude, how to introduce myself via calligraphy and art? I have multiple ideas and landed on a shadow box. I created the background using all sorts of fun things and then added the calligraphy on acetate. Honestly I think this it too busy and difficult to process, sort of like Ann overload; I may rework it when I get home this week.

Some people shared a resume style list of professional and calligraphy based accomplishments. Some people created a portrait using words and letters. And still others created a compilation of their creative life, personal life and accomplishments in both. It was fabulous to see what everyone included or excluded. Some people value degrees, places, techniques and with whom they have studied. Others only shared creative elements. Still others shared family and personal life demographics, while others only shared a simple text.

The process of creating this made me ask myself some important questions. What do I want people to know about me? Do I tell them what I think is important, or what I think is important to them? How does what I tell people influence how they ‘know’ me? And how does it reflect what I am willing to share about myself? These same questions are true in all the places and circumstances in which we have to introduce ourselves. In what I am sharing in my introduction, am I doing it to inform, impress, simply communicate, or create a facade, or is it something else? What am I willing to share and what do I prefer to keep private? And does all this change depending upon the group I am in, or does it change as I process through an awareness of myself? So much goes into the simple process of introducing yourself.

What would you tell people about you in an introduction? Would it be the same across all audiences and circumstances? What are the important things you want people to know about you, and what are things that you think don’t really matter? This was an interesting exercise for me. Not sure I like the final piece, however it did make me think a bit more about myself.


  1. If there were ever an “artful” expression ( or impression) for my friend, than a multi media, calligraphy laden, colorful, layered with imperfect perfection piece like this would be the quintessential representation of you..thoughtful and thought provoking are not always found in the same well. I am blessed to say that you a wellspring of both. Your call to individuality, like in life, can be hard to see if you let the “stuff” be in the remind us to put the “stuff”in the back and let your mantra lead!

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