The Seeds of Greatness Don’t Always Look Great


My husband was cooking dinner and these were the seeds from a yellow pepper he used in our stir fry. It struck me how small and plentiful they are, right under our noses and in our kitchen. He didn’t use them in our dish, so they were thrown away.

How often do we disregard the seeds of greatness because they don’t look great. They look small and insignificant, and like not much will come of their growth. We push them aside or disregard what they might become, simply because we cannot understand their potential. All too often we treat people the same way. We judge how much they will become by their appearance or intelligence or where they live or even their family background. What we need to learn to do better is to believe people have greatness within them and work as if it is our job to help them discover it. Most people only need someone to believe in them to make them believe in themselves.

It’s easy to believe in people when they get elected or score the winning point, or star in the play. It’s easy to cheer when everyone else is cheering as well. The hard part is being there in the rain, when they lose, when they fall down, or even when they make mistakes. True support and love are shown when we believe even when greatness seems invisible, when we are the only one who can see the seeds within and their potential. This is when our faith is tested and we must choose to grow in our belief even if we cannot see any forward movement. These hard times are the exact moment when greatness is nurtured into being, into believing enough to keep trying and keep moving forward.

Today you will encounter people who have seeds of greatness hidden within. What are you going to choose to believe? Will you toss them away because it is easier? Or will you dare to encourage them to bring out the greatness they have inside? How you treat them – the words you use, the actions you take, the belief you communicate – may be the difference between shining or dying. Choose wisely, it may be the exact thing that changes their world and yours.

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