The Joy of Special Things

Many years ago we bought a chainsaw carved Bear. We named him Blue. He stood on a tree stump near our driveway and greeted us each day as we arrived home. He wore a different hat for each holiday season and even carried signs to liven up our celebrations. This holiday season we had to take him apart because he was infested with termites. We burned him in one of our fire pits after speaking a few words of thanks. We were all very sad to see him go. His leaving was the end of an era for our household. His happy smile and silly overalls made us smile every time we saw him. I passed by the empty stump today and was reminded of Blue. Nothing has been put in his place so there is a void yet to be filled.

Life is strange. Who knew that an inanimate bear could mean so much to us, and bring such fun into our days. Maybe we were attached to Blue because he brought life to that old tree stump. Maybe he was so special because he was the first thing my husband I installed right before we got married. Maybe he reminded us of the summer day when we bought him or supporting a local artist. Maybe it was the way we all had fun changing his hats, or the way everyone who traveled the driveway commented on Blue’s smile. This carved up tree added such fun to our days.

We get attached to the strangest things and find meaning in such odd places. I think these attachments and important places help us connect our lives in significant ways. They bring a depth and imagination to our world that other ‘things’ are unable to touch. They make us smile and allow us to have fun in a world that all too often doesn’t give us much to laugh about. They help us add dimension to our relationships and life that black and white elements do not always cover.

So what fun things do you cherish that make no difference to others? What places or stories or Knick knacks decorate your life and enrich your soul? Look around the room where you are sitting, is there anything there that reminds you of the people you love or the people who love you? Take a moment today to tell yourself those special stories and be reminded that life is more than just passing time. Life is about bringing joy to your world anyway in which you can.

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