A Banana Pudding Kind of Day

I am a sucker for dessert. If I could I would skip the meal and head straight to the sweet stuff. I recently had dinner with a friend and we concluded our meal with banana pudding. It was sweet, creamy, had vanilla wafers and was more than either of us could finish in one sitting. We both thought it was perfect and made spontaneous yummy noises the moment we put it in our mouths. I licked my lips all the way home thinking about how delicious it was.

I wish for you a banana pudding kind of day. One in which all your expectations are exceeded and you can’t consume it all in one sitting. A day when you dream and hope and wish and everything you want comes true, and more. A day when you can relax and enjoy the moment, a day when you get everything you want. A day when you are satisfied with everything you encountered and left wanting for nothing.

We do not always have those days, or have them all in a row. Or maybe we do and just don’t take a moment to recognize all that this one day included. So I hope that your day is a banana pudding kind of day. A day you will look back on and smile because it was a very good day indeed.

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