Maybe you Need a Smaller Ball?

Our puppy Gravy is learning to play with a ball. He doesn’t quite get it right now. A regular tennis ball is too big for him to handle, so we found ones that are only 1.5 inches, and they fit just right. Gravy and his sister Biscuit seem more interested in the tiny ball as they can push it, grab it, play with it and feel successful. As they get bigger we will eventually work towards a regulation tennis ball, but until then we’re taking tiny steps. If the goal is learning to play with a ball it helps when the ball is small like them.

We’re halfway through the first month of the year and if we’re not careful we may have already lost focus on what we want to do. Life has gotten back to ‘normal’ and all the things we wanted to do, learn, accomplish can easily get lost behind the daily elements of living life. It takes focus and discipline to add new elements to our lives. It takes planning and execution to get it all done. It takes wisdom to know when to tackle the big ball and when to scale down to one you can handle.

I had dinner with a dear friend tonight and we talked about what we want to do. Not resolutions or goals, but things we actually want to handle and accomplish no matter how long it takes. More of a to do list than resolutions. Some were personal and some were related to work, some were creative and some were simply ideas we wanted to bounce off each other. Everyone needs someone they can process things with, no judgement or guilt as we both tackle living life. This friend is the person who would suggest a smaller ball when the one you are trying to carry doesn’t really fit. Not because she doesn’t believe or think you can do it, she is the friend who truly wants you to be successful. I hope you have one or more of those kinds of friends.

As January moves quickly past us, are you still working on what you wanted to do this year? Are you on track or frustrated with things? Maybe you need a smaller ball? Maybe you need to tackle it in bite size chunks, learn how to handle the beginning stages then move up to the big ball? Maybe doing things well on a small scale is just the confidence booster you need to tackle regulation size? All of us need to feel a sense of accomplishment when changing or doing new things. Take a pulse check and see if what you are doing is making you feel successful or do you need to scale back to move forward? If it works for puppies it might work for you. Maybe all you need is a smaller ball.

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