Sixteen Hundred

The length in meters of a common High School Track event. A perfect score on the SATs. The number forty squared. The street address of the White House. The number of blog posts finished and published on this blog. Today is my sixteen hundredth blog post. For someone who didn’t know what she had to say, I supposed I have said a lot.

I’ve been writing daily for over four years and do it to remind myself and others that life is a complex adventure very much worth all of our efforts. I want to present everyday topics, ideas, subject, items that make me think, so I share my thoughts by writing them down. I am astonished that I have been doing it this long and look forward to writing more.

I had lunch with the President of a local University last week, and she started our discussion by talking about my blog. I had no idea she read it, let alone wanted to talk about it. We talked for a while about blogging and how she wanted to use my posts in one of her programs. It was a surreal moment as most of the time I have no idea who is reading this or how it is impacting them. Writing has become a habit and something that has become a natural part of my every day life. In all of this I think I am the one who is blessed by being able to share my words more than those who read them.

I know there are people who make lots of money posting their thoughts, ideas, opinions out there for the world to see. There are people who blog for a living and people who blog for celebrity. I started blogging regularly to see if I could. Slowly I found myself blogging to process my own experiences. Now I blog to share my thoughts in the hope that they will encourage, inspire, or at least make people think a bit.

I thank you my readers, my fans and those who are just picking this up from someone else’s ‘like’. Stay tuned for more posts and please keep commenting. I will keep writing as long as I have something to say and there are people who want to read it.


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