Lyrics by the Beatles…

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to create something based on lyrics from a Beatles song. The first song that popped into my head was Yellow Submarine. When I was a teenager this sounded like such a fun adventure, everyone living together in a Yellow submarine, under the water all together, simply having fun. I drew the submarine from the original album cover and used Sharpie markers to get the vibrant colors. I painted a watercolor wash for the blue background, then used a metallic gel pen to write the lyrics. I wanted the words to look like they were floating so I cut out a wave shaped stencil to write the words within. I was surprised the way the blue pen looks very different on the dark blue versus the lighter areas. It did not photograph well yet I think the idea works.

No matter your option of the Beatles you cannot deny their impact on the world. Their music, their lyrics, their showmanship and the legacy of breaking barriers. For many who first heard their music it was like an explosion of ingenuity. Suddenly blue was more intense and colors had a different meaning. People felt free to be themselves and celebrate rock and roll in an entirely new way. Not all the generations got it and that’s okay; not everyone will understand new and different. What is important is that what they produced has survived for generations, still bringing joy, life and energy to listeners across the globe.

It is the second week of the group and already the bar has been raised. The work in these first two weeks is much more elaborate and at a higher skill level than last year. It is a bit intimidating creating work to share with world famous artists. So much talent and skills beyond what I could ever master. I wonder if that is how the Beatles felt when they first performed, not knowing if anyone would get their sound enough to want to buy a ticket or album. There was always the option for them to put their instruments down and stay silent, and what a loss that would have been for the world.

It takes guts to put your work out there for everyone to see. No matter what the voices in your head are telling you just do it. Take a chance, put it out there. Think of the fun and adventure you could enjoy by taking the risk…sort of like living in a yellow submarine.


  1. This is so charming, I grew up on the Beatles, my dad is a huge fan. I saw ‘Love’ in Vegas and if you only see one Cirque Du Soleil show, make it that one, it was divine. Their music is just so full of charisma and the variety of characters always create lifelike images in my head. I think your piece has done justice to such a fanciful song, you’re really creative!

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