We All Had to Learn to Sit

Our puppies are learning to sit. We have begun our puppy orientation classes and they are learning the basics. The first triumph will be when they stay in ‘sit’ mode when getting a treat. Here you see my husband working on the basics.

With such young puppies in our life I am reminded that we all had to learn everything we know. We had to learn to walk, talk, control our bladder, stand, sit, and all the millions of things that we do everyday without even thinking. We fell down a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and had accidents all over the place. We annoyed the people around us and we had to be willing to do it badly in order to keep moving ahead. Time was on our side and we learned what we needed to survive.

Somewhere along our path we had to figure out what we wanted to ‘do’. That meant more learning, more failure, more investigation, and possibly many disappointments as we tried all sorts of things. Time money, effort and all the energy we could muster helped us choose a path and travel it with enthusiasm and joy. And each day we invest more into our life and chosen activities to bring ourselves fulfillment and adventure.

No matter where you are in your life now, you had to learn and try all along the way. There were people involved to help nurture, teach and discipline you along your path. There were guides and encouragers, idiots and people who taught you how not to do things. Between the learning and the people you have traversed a path which is has made you who you are today.

Let this post remind you of all you have accomplished in your years of life. Whether you are at a high point in your life, a low point, or somewhere in between. You’ve come a long way baby from when you didn’t even know how to sit. Take time today to reflect on all your life lessons and give thanks for the wild ride that got you to where you are today. Tomorrow will come and you have more chances to learn and grow, and improve your ability to sit on command.

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