More in Common Than We Realize

We saw the mailman delivering the new IKEA catalogs in Venice, Italy. The street was lined with beautiful Italian doors, ancient and weathered, all getting a catalog. The unique and ornate door knocker only highlights the irony of Italians shopping at IKEA. We laughed and suddenly felt closer to the Italians living along the backstreet. We too love shopping at IKEA and can totally relate to spending time turning the pages and dreaming of unique ways to decorate and organize our home.

We get so caught up in our own world that we forget about trying to relate to those around us. The people in our lives – clerks, cashiers, business owners – anyone we come in contact with, they all want the same things. Just like us they want a safe place to live, enough to eat, something of value to do and someone to love. They want to do more than just make ends meet, and they want what they do to mean something to someone. Though they may only enter our life for a brief moment, it is important to acknowledge that we have more in common than we realize.

Knowing we allow want to same things in this life helps us to treat people with kindness and respect. No matter how they treat us, service us, transact business with us everyone deserves to be someone who matters. Its that golden rule thing – treat others as you want to be treated because they want the same thing you want. It’s like walking down a side street in Venice realizing that they want the same things we want, a life well lived and well loved, and to be able to eat Swedish meatballs on demand.

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