Friends That Last a Lifetime

Biscuit and Gravy are getting bigger and bigger each day. Today they were waiting for a treat and posed in perfect unison in the living room. They are learning to sit, focus, and be gentle. They are brother and sister and more importantly friends.

When most people meet them they find it hard to believe that they are brother and sister. They are so different – in size, in color, and in temperament. As they are growing up they are learning to play together and interact with all of the people in their world. So different and yet so much alike. There is a connection that no circumstance can dilute.

If we are blessed as humans we have a friend who knows us as well or better than we know ourselves, and they love us anyway. We may be very different, in some ways exact opposites, yet we get along like family. These friends push us to be a better version of ourselves and we do the same for their life. We call them on their bad habits and encourage them to let go of their anger and resentments. Somehow the differences between us make us both stronger and help us work together through the good and bad times.

We all want this caliber of friend. To have that happen we need to be that kind of friend first. We need to be willing to let the need to serve or help someone else come before our own needs. We have to want to help them and be their friend more than we need them to serve us. It is easy to read those statements and hard to live them out on a daily basis.

My wish for you is that you are the type of friend who deserves friendships that last a lifetime. Serve first before wanting to be served and you will be well on your way to sustaining these lasting relationships.

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