The Birthplace of Your Ideas

Somewhere in conversation, somewhere in a shower, somewhere as you are driving, or maybe when you are having your first cup of coffee…when do your best ideas come to you? These are the times when your brain has had time to process all that is going on and usually when you least expect it. These are the times an idea pops into your head. Some of the ideas are life changing, some are just tweaks to plans already in place. Some are personal revelations and others are the beginning of a greater idea than you would ever have thought possible.

These are the times when you need to write things down. Text yourself, take a picture of the inspiration, or find a napkin and borrow a pen. Your brain has processed through things and provided a solution or option and if you let it go your brain won’t rest. It will keep trying to process all that is going on and it will keep prompting you with other ideas. The idea will rattle around and prevent you from being able to do things like concentrate, sleep, focus, or even think about other important things. Something happens in our brains when we write things down. Once we write our mind is able to move on to the next problem or issue rambling through your head.

The next time your mind provides an idea think it through, write it down, and let your mind move onto the next thing. Don’t take it for granted that ideas will always flow freely, sometimes we get blocked or get stuck or our mind draws a blank. Just like our bodies need nourishment or minds need to be fed and encouraged. There is nothing worse than wanting a new idea only to have run dry because you stopped listening long ago. Allow yourself to simply relax and listen as those wild thoughts run across your brain. You never know when the next helicopter, wheel, or Rumba will cross your mind.

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