Lessons From a Repurposed Desk

I originally bought this desk on sale as it was damaged. I fixed it and utilized it for years, then my husband used it, then my Mom. This past fall we needed more space in our studio so a friend who paints now has it in her studio. The wonderful part about all this is that the desk was simply being itself and serving those who needed a flat surface. For more than twenty years it has been providing its best self to those in need, never asking anything in return.

Over the years all of us have had furniture that served us well, and eventually we knew it had served its purpose in our home. Some people call these pieces hand me downs, or leftovers, fun finds, or repurposed. Whatever you call them there is furniture in your attic or cluttering up your rooms that someone else might need. They are still in great shape and can do their job magnificently, it is just time for them to do it somewhere else.

It can be hard to part with these items as they usually hold some sentimental value. They were with us during times of change or strife or joy, and without fail they helped us live our lives better. They never complained no matter how we treated them, and they stand tall and serve no matter where they rest.

This desk reminded me that we all have a purpose, even if it is simply to be ourselves and serve others. This desk reminded me that all of us have to face change and the reality that our purpose may be better utilized somewhere else. This desk reminded me that though one group or organization or job may have grown tired or no longer need our services, there is always someone else who will greet us with open arms. This desk also reminded me that something I may no longer need will be a true blessing and excitement for someone else, even if they use it differently than I did I simply have to be open to letting it go.

Maybe there are things in your life that you need to let go so someone else can be blessed. It might be furniture, clothing, household goods, a job that you have outgrown, or a place that no longer meets your needs. It can be hard to let go. It can be sad to see things change. But if we never give things up or change then how can we get anything new or different? If we hold on so tightly to what we have then how can we be blessed with something else?

This desk reminded me that change is good, everyone has a purpose and sometimes that purpose is best served somewhere else.

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