Whew! The Holidays are Over!!

This picture of our little Biscuit is a great example of exactly how we feel. We had a great holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years, and now we are ready for a rest. We had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends, and are ready to bring in a shiny new year. We also know that we have had enough for a while.

We have been working with our puppies to get them on a routine. Part of that routine includes teaching them when to calm down and take a nap. They have a blanket on our living room floor and when they come indies and want to lay down, they simply go to their blanket and rest. They are learning this routine and it is helping us all cope with their new environment and all the changes.

Sometimes the better part of dealing with all we have in life is knowing when to stop and be still. Knowing when to settle down and rest, knowing it’s time to get back to something simple, and when to just be by yourself. It also means having routines and places where we can be quiet and at peace. Be it a chair, a bed, a sofa or simply a quiet area outside we all need somewhere to go to be quiet. It means saying no to our electronic devices and allowing ourselves to think, dream, and rest.

So today is the second day of the new year. One day down, a new day to start new things or continue the old ways that work best for you. Whatever it is you do today make sire you build in time to relax and let your mind and body rest. Everything will go better when you are at your best, so don’t forget to add in time to rest.

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