Being Willing to be Enlightened

Everyone knows the story of the four blind men each standing at a different part of an elephant. In turn each described what they felt and of course each one described something completely different. If you only went by what each man described you could never imagine that it would all connect in the same animal.

Sometimes I think life is more that way than we want to admit. We think we know what is going on when in reality we only have a little piece of the puzzle. We see the light through small little holes that are our own perspective, and no matter how confident, we are only able to see a small piece of it all. Wisdom arrives when we have the humility and clarity to ask others what they are seeing, so we can all work together to see the big picture.

That means asking for help, admitting we don’t know it all, and working with others who we may not like or respect. So the question becomes are we willing to let go of our own single perspective to work together with others to see the full picture? Or are we okay with seeing what we see? It sounds like a simple choice but all too often our ego gets in the way and we cannot give up being right. So we move forward with only a portion of the information we need to be successful.

Where in your own world do you need to let go of your ego, ask for help, and be willing to be enlightened to the big picture? You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome and ALL that you have been missing.

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