The Last Nap Before the Puppies Arrive

Here our Artie is napping in the sunshine, in the peace and quiet of his usual spot on the back of the sofa. This is our last day before the puppies arrive. The house has been baby-proofed, the beds and blankets, toys and food are all ready to go. The rooms are quiet and we wait for our canine babies to join us. Artie has no idea of how his life is about to change.

Sometimes life gives us grand entrances and moments when we know our lives will never be the same. The moment comes and goes with such fanfare that we know that who we were before that moment is no longer who we will be moving forward. Life is changed and we know it. Other events in life arrive while we nap with subtlety and quiet barely alerting us that something is different. We don’t always figure out the implications of these quiet moments until their subtlety catches our eye. Either way life has changed by our choice or our participation.

We have no idea how our cats will react to new puppy siblings. All sorts of options and repercussions have flown through our heads. We do know it will take a while for the pets to sort out the pecking order and for us to navigate new creatures in our home. We also know that life is an adventure and all the creatures in our house will eventually figure out how to live together.

So I will let Artie sleep and enjoy the sunshine, for tomorrow his world will change forever.

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