Dreams Do Come True…Sometimes in Small Packages

We brought our new puppies home today, Biscuit & Gravy. This is their first walk with their Daddy at a rest area. Gravy is on the leash playing with an empty water bottle, and Biscuit is laying down chewing a leaf. My husband has been talking about getting puppies for more than a decade, but our travel schedule was not conducive to such a commitment. So we waited.

Today we were able to drive home with puppies in our back seat, sleeping and snuggling together. No accidents, no messes, no whining or barking. They were calm and sleepy, and adorable beyond belief. It took us a while to get everything ‘ready’ for this addition to our family, if you can ever be ready for two puppies.

My encouragement to you is to keep whatever it is you want always in full sight. Have someone near who shares your dream and can remind you often that one day it will come true. Make decisions that will support what you want, which may mean making changes in your life that other people may not understand. And then keep dreaming, keep working , keep making decisions to support what you want.

In our case we did all that, and bought poopie collection bags for this special day. Our dream comes with a little bit of mess, and we’re okay with that. Don;t let the poop get you down, there is always a way to deal with it. Nothing worthwhile is every easy, and it is always worth the wait. Our dream came true in two little packages, poop included.


  1. jst a note Christmas cards came. Beautiful. I guess your term at the school is finished. I wanted to see some student works. Thank you for the encouragement. I’d say ‘improving’ is a stretch by any measure.


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