This is the last prompt in the 2018 calligraphy group. A lexophile is someone who loves words, so we were challenged to create some sort of word play. This was the 50th week of prompts and what an amazingly creative activity it was.

I joined the group on a recommendation from a friend. We heard about it last July and had to wait six months to be invited to contribute. At first I found it daunting to have to create a piece each week by Thursday. I wasn’t sure if my work would hold up in this group of fabulous calligraphers. I decided at the beginning to simply create my own work and let the chips fall where they might. After a couple months my fears went away and I simply learned a lot. I had fun experimenting with new ideas, new tools, and got inspired by the different ways people used tools I already knew.

I am always astounded at what people will create when you give them the same tools and ideas. I have compiled my fifty submissions into one notebook and amazed at what I created this year. This prompt was a shout out to all the artists in the group.

Yes, I have been asked to participate in 2019, so after a couple weeks off for the holidays we will be back in full creative swing in the new year. Thank you for your comments and support as I chronicled my calligraphic adventures. Stay tuned for more, coming soon to a blog near you!

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  1. Love it. And to think there are he creations from the people I haven’t seen. If they have a creative blog (not Facebook), please post the links.


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