Which Way to Proceed?

There was a new hospital built in our town. It put the old one out of business. Today I passed the address of the old hospital, and this was all I saw. Things change before we know it, before we realize it entire buildings disappear. All that is left is rubble and caution signs!

Change can be tough. It can be hard to see things go away, even when what takes their place is better, bigger, more advanced, or more beautiful. Moving forward in change means we have to leave things behind. It means sometimes things must be destroyed and cleaned out in order to grow bigger, faster and stronger. The past is what made us what we are, however it doesn’t define who we are moving forward. To remove it’s hold on us sometimes the past needs to be removed completely.

The good news, there is space for something new and exciting. Another business or place where our town can be served. This cleared land will have a new purpose, a new reason to build up from the rubble. The people who have lived here a long time will remember the old hospital, and tell tales about the services they received and emergency treatments the hospital provided. All that will be behind us and the future will provide something new and different.

So where is it time for you to tear down the past and build something new? What rubble do you need to clear in order to move on to your bigger and better future? It can be painful, ugly, or seem cruel to clear things out, however the alternative is holding on to out of date, useless things that simply keep you tied to the past. Only you can choose which pay you want to proceed…

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