Enjoy the Sunshine Where it Lands

I spent my morning in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth and peacefulness. Today helped me understand why our cats always find the sun warmed spots on which to nap. There is something magical that happens when you sit still in the sun and let it all go. All the lists in your head, the to do items, the things nagging in the corners of your mind all seem to drift away.

We so rarely allow ourselves to let things go. It is important to be accomplished and to get things done, to do the adult responsibility things – pay bills, provide for your family, nurture the children, develop your own skills. It is also important to remember that slowing down isn’t a crime against the nation. Slowing down allows us to get back to being ourselves. Unfortunately we never seem to have enough time or allow ourselves the time to just sit and do nothing.

I did just that today. I sat and did nothing for a while. I enjoyed our home, the peace and quiet, enjoyed what it looks like during the day in the sunlight, and enjoyed finding the sunny spots in which to sit still and do nothing. I felt like a cat, which is the same as being a lottery winner who has won so much money that there is no more responsibility or worry, everything just gets done by someone else…in the case of being a cat it all gets done my your owner.

When was the last time you just sat in the sun and did nothing? You didn’t talk, you didn’t read, you didn’t do anything other than sit and think good thoughts. Before I knew it my mind was clearing, the sense of urgency for all things on my to do list were fading away, and my shoulders felt lighter. After a while I had some new ideas, creative thoughts, and processed through things I had not thought about in a long time. The warm sunshine has a cleansing effect that only the cats seem to truly value.

Your challenge as we get to the end of this year is to sit in the sunshine and do nothing. I dare you. And while your are at it, take a nap. You will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself and your life.


  1. Sitting and doing nothing is something I have excelled at for many years. Sunshine means Cinque Terre or Abruzza or someplace like that. Someday.


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