Maybe the Beatles were Right…

I was listening to Christmas music on a local radio station. This time of year they grant wishes for families in need. As I drove I heard a single Mom who was moving into her first house after being homeless for the last two years. She and her two daughters didn’t have any furniture or beds, so the station partnered with a furnitures store to furnish their entire house, including all the bedrooms. To hear that woman weep tears of joy reminded me that all you need is a reminder that you are not alone. All you need is love.

This is the time of year when we are reminded that everyone needs a little love. Our lives get crazy and it can feel overwhelming and confusing, as if you are the only one feeling insane. It’s not you it’s this life we live, and your problems are mostly first world problems not life threatening. They in essence are annoyances that disrupt your otherwise pretty amazing life.

So today as you face the to do list that is longer than your arm, the shopping, the decorating, the cooking and cleaning, the responsibilities of being an adult…know that it isn’t life threatening. All of it will get done and if it doesn’t your basic needs are met, you are safe, and you have a life you want to keep living. As long as you are breathing and above ground it can and will get better. All you need is a little love.

If today is not the day you are feeling insane, maybe someone around you is feeling that way. They may need to be reminded that life is hard but worth it. They may need a hug or a pat on the back, or maybe you could simply help them do the dishes or vacuum. Small acts of kindness, talking, laughing, just sharing our lives is what makes life so amazing and rich. As people we just need comfort, understanding and love to keep going. Maybe today is the day you give your love to someone else who needs it more than you do, and tomorrow someone will give it back to you. Maybe the Beatles were right, all you need is love.

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