What Were You Thinking?

With the recent renovations we had completed, the electrician put an outlet in the ceiling. Not sure what he was thinking on that one. There was an outlet when this space was a closet, but who wants one in the ceiling in the middle of the room? We got a laugh out of it and have covered the outlet with a blank, white plate. It isn’t too noticeable and every time we see it we have a good story.

Every one of us does things without thinking. We get so caught up with getting the job done that somewhere common sense goes out the window. We check things off the list and complete it all, forgetting to stop and pause and confirm that what we are doing is right. We have to step back, evaluate how to all fits together, and change what needs to be changed. That means we have to stop, be open to change and accept that getting the job done may take longer than originally planned.

So as you face your to do list today, be sure to take time to pause for the cause. And forgive yourself if you suddenly stand back and have installed an outlet in the ceiling. There is a solution for every problem, a correction for every mistake. And if nothing else you will have a great story to share.

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