Meet Biscuit & Gravy

These two darling puppies will be joining our family this Christmas. The Silver fellow is Gravy and his yellow sister is Biscuit. Here you see them resting after a hard day of eating, sleeping, playing and pooping. We pick them up on December 22nd and then the excitement and chaos really begins.

My husband has wanted puppies for many years and it took a while for us to feel ‘ready’ for new pets. Cats are one thing, dogs are a whole other thing. Dogs have owners, cats have staff. We have thought long and hard about moving from staff back to the role of owner and parent, and we have finally jumped in. We wanted two puppies so they would have someone to play with besides the humans. It seems they have already bonded to each other and will be a wonderful addition to our family.

We have three more weeks to wait and then we bring them home just in time for Christmas. What a great gift they will be and fun way to celebrate the season. They are getting bigger each day and everyone is asking to see more pictures. We set up their own Facebook page – Biscuit and Gravy – to share photos and stories of their adventures. Look them up, join the page, and stay tuned for the exciting and energetic adventures of our two pups, Biscuit & Gravy!

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