Goodbye Westside Market…Hello Change!


We have had a gallery space at Westside Market for over five years. Today we are leaving this space behind and heading towards new adventures. We have had a good run and sold to corporate clients, movie production companies, even to Netflix for TV show set staging. It has been a blast selling and serving the west side and all the creative people who bought art. We know it is time for this move and this change.

The hard part about being an adult is making the tough decisions. Our heart tells us one thing and reality serves up a different flavor. The adult in us has to decide when is the right time for change, when to stick around, and when to be open to something new that can be bigger and better than you ever imagined…even when it is’t a reality yet.

Now that we are leaving Westside we are looking to the future and a new space. Our dream is to build a small event barn that can serve as learning and creative space, a venue for small groups of fifty or less, and allow us to bring in talent to teach art to anyone interesting in learning. To head forward means we have to close this chapter and begin writing another one. It isn’t sad, it’s actually very exciting. It means daring to believe that what you know and love will actually be bigger and better in the future. All you have to do is step out and believe, and work hard to make it all come true.

We have been renovating our Canton location and plan to open that space to the public on December 8th. Join us as we open our studios and share a better insight into how we create and design our work. We will be ramping up our online presence and selling more of our work online, so more to come on that front.

Thank you to the artists and supporting patrons over the years. It has been our honor creating and selling for your homes, businesses and productions. We look forward to sharing our new space with you once it is a reality. So stay tuned to the next chapter as we forge onward into the great adventure that is building your dream and creating a reality you only thought about but never believed was possible. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

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