The Aftermath of Thanksgiving

Everyone has headed home, the leftovers have all been consumed, and the dishes are cycling through the dishwasher. It’s the end of the Thanksgiving weekend and what a holiday it was. Everyone had a blast! Family, friends, food and fellowship. And now the clean up begins. It isn’t any sort of annoyance simply the reality of good times; now that everyone is gone the memories sustain us and life gets back to normal.

And what does normal mean? Can we ever be the same after having spent such fun days and nights with family? I hope not. My Christmas wish is that the time we spent together will help us become more aware of each other’s strengths and enlighten us to what it is like to live the life of the other person. We are reminded that we all have made similar yet different choices and travel different paths in life. We are all family, which means accepting each other as we are and encouraging each of us to be more of our good and lessen the unattractive sides of ourselves. It means understanding choices and supporting them even if they are not the choices we would make.

So with each load of laundry and each dish being put back into the cabinets we pray and delight in the memories of this past Thanksgiving week. The year isn’t over yet, so here’s to the last month of the year and and exciting close to an eventful holiday season.

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  1. We had roasted chicken (Walmart) and sides. Just the two of us. Turkeys were too big for us. Chicken pot pies last night. Delicious. And custard bread pudding with cranberries for dessert.


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