Thankful to be Together

This time of year we are blessed to be able to spend time with the ones we love. Doing ordinary things, grocery shopping, eating, relaxing, doing things together. I enjoyed watching these three generations of ladies shopping and laughing as they wandered the aisles looking for the items they needed.

Most of the time we are busy living the lives we have chosen, not always having enough time to just be with the people we love. We work, we commute, we take care of life and ourselves and the activities of the day, never having enough time to simply love the people we love. Thanksgiving is the holiday where we get to do this, even if it involves grocery shopping, doing the dishes, or watching movies as a family. Time is one of our most precious commodities and this time of year allows us to spend it on and with the ones we cherish most.

It’s time to turn off our cell phones, dial back on our use of the internet and enjoy spending time with the people we love. The ones in the room are the ones who are begging for us to pay attention, hoping for us to lavish our attentions on them, and the ones where our investment of time will make the most difference. Your energy and efforts are worth it and the rest of the world can wait.

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