Thankful for Enough to Eat

I am grateful and abundantly blessed to be able to feed all the people we are feeding. We are able to provide options and good food, wonderful choices and yummy treats. It is this time of year that I am reminded that not everyone can afford to eat.

Do you remember the last time you were hungry, I mean REALLY hungry? When you couldn’t eat or had nothing to eat and it impacted everything you did? When your stomach growled so loud that people across the room could hear it? When your breath smelled bad because of your stomach juices bubbling up. When your skin changed texture because you didn’t have enough to drink, and when you weren’t sure if you could even handle solid food anymore? Your budget was tight or non-existent and there were no funds to get even a simple bit it eat.

Millions of people across this country are going to bed hungry tonight. The majority of them are children. The largest segment of homeless and food deprived humans are under the age of twelve or over the age of sixty-five. They are unable to provide or find enough food to fulfill their basic human needs. The canned food drive or the feed the poor campaign in your area serves real, really hungry people. So next time you are asked to donate or give, do it. It may hurt your budget a little or inconvenience your world a small speck, yet it will change the life of someone who is truly hungry.

Be thankful for the food you have and are able to share with others. Find someone who needs a good meal and let them join your table. Never underestimate the power of a good meal.

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