Thankful to be Creative


We are a creative family and enjoy spending time together making things. Here you see my niece Jourdan making an Advent Calendar with her grandfather. She spent the morning with him cutting, sanding, using tools to create what she wanted. It is great to see the family trait of hard work and creativity being encouraged and grown in the next generation. Instead of Paw Paw doing the work, he guided and watched attentively while they learned and did the work themselves. We were together in the studio, workshop and gallery, being creative even while we were all doing our own thing. Bouncing ideas off each other and thinking through solutions to each others creative quandaries. Before we knew it, it was dinner time and the only thing that made us stop was our grumbling tummies.

We are blessed to be creative, thankful to have the supplies, tools and space we do, and are thankful for the willingness to try. Some things didn’t work, while others worked very well. Some ideas took more time than others, and some things will hopefully get completed before they all go home. Cutting, measuring, painting, staining, talking, joking, laughing, all the while allowing ourselves to be ourselves and sharing the fun of the creative process.

I am thankful to live with and love people who want to learn and grow and share a passion for making things by hand. There is something special in knowing that Jourdan’s Advent Calendar will be passed down to their children decades in the future. The time we all spent today is a creative investment in the next generation of our family. After dinner no one had the energy to go back downstairs and do more work. We watched a movie and will get back to our creativity tomorrow. It is wonderful to know that our ideas and efforts will be there waiting for us to pick up where we left off.

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