The Dark Days of Winter


We have had dark and dreary weather for the past few days. The kind of weather where you want to take a nap under a warm blanket and eat lots of soup. This weekend is daylight savings time, which means it will get darker even earlier moving forward. What are we to do with that? It’s almost as if there is no energy to move forward, like your odometer is stuck on zero.

These are the days when it helps to know yourself. Some people like to clean or diddle around the house to keep moving, other people give in and succumb to the darker days of Winter. Some of us find things to do and keep doing them to avoid thinking about how dark it has gotten; others find themselves watching the clock exasperated that darkness arrives before they have even had dinner. Neither method is better than another in surviving the darkness, the key is to know thyself and cope with your practices. The energetic need to be patient and understanding with those more impacted by the dark by not imposing tasks or guilt on their struggle. Those hindered by darker days need to express their need for rest and communicate their challenges with the others.

There is a third group, the reformers. The ones who were one or the other of the two noted above and have reformed their ways to tone down their self imposed extreme. These are the peacemakers, the people who understand both sides and show empathy for their plight. It’s hard when the seasons change to remain true to ourselves when darkness covers the land for a larger portion of each day. It means we have to be more understanding and allow ourselves to adjust and adapt our own habits to the imposing darkness. It doesn’t mean we give up being who we are, we simply revise our time management to accommodate our personal needs. It doesn’t mean we are weak or less than, it means we need to be more self aware and less critical of ourselves and others.

Don’t let the darkness of these Winter days force you to change your inner self. Give yourself a break and do what you can to be a happy and productive you during this time of change. The season will soon change to Spring and the days will get longer again. Before you know it you will feel like your true self and be ready to face the world.

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