Peace and Quiet Between Nancy & Nancy

These two amazing women – Nancy & Nancy – are enjoying a few quiet moments together. The peace and beauty of a museum provides the time and place for a calm discussion about life. They both have amazing tales to tell with life experiences to boot, and they share a faith that facilitates their friendship. It is these moments in life that we are reminded of who we have become and how our path and voice will help someone else process their own life situation. It takes a willingness to be still, listen, share, and give of ourselves to bridge the gap between what is happening and what is needed to get to the other side of it all.

This photo also reminds me that no matter who we are or what we have experienced to this point in life, there are many people who stood tall and strong so that we could become who we were meant to be. The men and women who are intertwined in our past and taught us the lessons of life to help us reach our future. None of us would be where we are today without standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. Our predecessors fought battles so we could be free to sit in a quiet museum with a friend and rest, share, and enjoy amazing works of art.

Find a bench, find a friend, and share an important moment of peace and quiet together. Life is made up of moments that pass before our eyes before we know it. Don’t let your peace and quiet slip away without appreciating the blessing a true friend can provide.

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