The Only Job Worth Doing

We have painters working at our house this week. They live in our neighborhood and have done a fantastic job! Here you see the owner sweeping our deck at the end of the day before he leaves. When I saw this I knew he ran his business with true and honest leadership.

It would have been easy for him to tell the worker who was finishing his final task to sweep, and then as the owner he could go home early. He could have left the job to someone else because as the boss he shouldn’t be doing these types of jobs. But that’s not what he did; he took the initiative to leave the site the way he wanted and let the employee finish the day’s final task. I also watched him walk around our house at the end of each day, making note of what needed to be done the next day. This leader is the first to arrive and the last one to leave. He not only owns the business he leads by example for the people who work for him each day.

I admire people who live out the solid values of work ethic, honesty, hard work, and leading by example. These hard working business owners are the backbone of this nation. They are the ones working day in and day out to build and grow their business to employ others, provide for their family, and sustain trust and integrity within their community. They are the people we trust to do the job right and they exceed our expectations each and every day.

We appreciate service providers who live out the values that have made this country strong and proud. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for people who care for our home as much as we do. It is up to us as consumers to keep these important business owners working and spreading the good news that a job well done is the only job worth doing.

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